Sustainability Initiatives

At Admin Center, we take great pride in working closely with energy and sustainable industries.  Helping companies find the right tools and strategies for continued sustainable work practices and products, helps to keep our world sharp and ‘green’ as well.  The Admin Center believes that by choosing to work smart and responsibly, we are choosing to preserve our natural resources and protect the health of generations today and into tomorrow.

Our long term goal at Admin Center is to have a zero waste environment, practicing the three ‘R’s;  reuse, recycle, or re-purpose. Sustainability is embedded in all our daily decision making and planning.  Our team members understand and support these practices,  agreeing to work within these boundaries for a  healthy happy work environment.

Admin Center Sustainable Practices include:

  • Replacing 80% efficient with new 95% high efficiency furnaces with variable speed fans
  • Installing 4’ by 8’ skylight for day lighting
  • Installing 2.5 Kw solar electric system (coming soon!)
  • Spraying foam insulation in all walls and voids, with windows caulked
  • Using only paper products with post-consumer and/or recycled content
  • Using crystal air cleaner Freshwave in bathrooms – no aerosol sprays
  • Employing a weekly office cleaning company that uses green cleaners and practices only
  • Placing a water filter on faucet – no bottled water in office
  • Providing real plates and glasses for office use – no disposables
  • Purchasing RECs for 100% of the office’s energy use
  • Recycling co-mingling and paper weekly
  • Keeping the temperature is kept as low as possible in winter (68 degrees during the work day, at night 60 degrees)
  • Keeping daytime summer temp at 74 degrees and turning off at night and weekends.
  • Replacing 99% hard copy faxes with scanning and email
  • Being certified Travel Green for our offices